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Quilt Project for Victim Services

In the spring of 2017 the guild had a presentation by staff representative, Ashley Hendricks, about Victim’s Services in our Community and Robin Bogaert from our own guild cited some examples from her work with the City of Windsor. Eileen Fennel also spoke about this.

The City of Waterloo has generously provided the guild with a Community Project Grant specifically for the purpose of making quilts for Victims in our community in partnership with Victim’s Services.

At the end of the presentation an “Expression of Interest” page was sent around and over 40 guild members signed up to support this project by agreeing to volunteer in some capacity. We are so thankful for this!

A committee of 5 guild members has formed to head up this initiative: Marg Sandiford, Lilla Hall, Darlene Yanke, Eileen Fennel and Robin Bogaert. They are purchasing fabric, batting and thread, assembling kits and coordinating a project workshop. Thank you to all of these ladies for stepping forward to launch this initiative!

Victims Services Project has been named I’M POSSIBLE! It is based on a quote by Audrey Hepburn “Nothing is Impossible"; the statement itself says “I’M POSSIBLE”. We feel this name conveys a positive and motivating message to the victims/recipients of our quilts. Thanks to Darlene Yanke for suggesting this.

A decision about the types of quilts was also made.  As most of the recipients of our quilts will be adult and female, we have decided to use very identifiable, traditional quilt blocks that convey a comforting and perhaps nostalgic message. We are hoping to present some of these quilts by the end of 2017.

The quilt blocks are friendship stars, nine-patches and log cabins.  The log cabin will stand-alone as a Log Cabin Quilt, with lots of layout potential. The friendship star and nine-patch blocks will be combined creating the Friendship Stars & Chains Quilts.


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Log Cabin Quilt



Friendship Star & Chain Quilt